Switching to Ymir

Ymir's mission is to make sure you never worry about your WordPress server ever again. But that's also what a lot of other tools and services are trying to do. So you might wonder, “How does Ymir compare to them?”

Here's an honest take on why I think you'll love Ymir compared to what you're using right now.

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No more server worries

You pay other tools and services so you don’t worry about your server. But it’s never quite true. Something will eventually break. When that happens, you’ll get called by your boss or client because something broke.

Now, serverless doesn’t mean there isn’t a server somewhere. It’s a misleading term for that. But if you’ve used a platform as a service like Heroku, you’ve experienced the joy of serverless.

With these services, there’s still a server somewhere. It's just not something you have to worry about. If you push code to their platform and it works, it’ll still work tomorrow.

That’s the magic of using Ymir.

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Modern deployment workflow

Making code changes to a WordPress project is something that we do regularly. Yet it’s often something we dread to do because we never know what might happen. Often there’s also no simple way for you to revert your changes if you made a mistake.

Deploying changes to a WordPress project should be something you can do as much as you want. But you can only do that if you have confidence that it’ll work properly every time. You also need to know that you can quickly correct a mistake if you make one.

When you use Ymir, you also get a modern WordPress deployment platform. No need to upload files via FTP or put together some deployment script. Ymir packages and ships your code to your AWS infrastructure for you. And no sweat if you make a mistake, you can rollback your changes in seconds.

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Enterprise scale with AWS

With Ymir, you’re running your WordPress sites on Amazon’s top of the line infrastructure. This is the same infrastructure that a lot of managed WordPress hosting companies use. That's because most don’t run their own data centers and instead rely on an infrastructure provider such as AWS.

You also don’t have to worry about your resources going down without notice. Obviously, AWS outages happen, but they’re newsworthy because of their rare occurrence. (And also because they take out half the internet with them lol) In reality, there are few companies on the planet with the expertise to keep your WordPress site running with near perfect uptime.

“Ymir’s offer is incredible. It’ll help me optimize WordPress to guarantee scalability without needing to dedicate 100% of my time to this issue!!! I’ll definitely recommend it to everyone!”

Lucas Santos

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