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For one price, get unlimited access to every feature.

Limitless possibilities

Whether you're a freelancer with dozens of WordPress sites or part of a team working on a single site, Ymir will cost the same. There are no per user or per site fees. For one simple price, you get to use Ymir the way that works for you.

Unlimited features

  • Projects

  • Deployments

  • Teams

  • Team members

Price doesn't include your AWS costs

“Thank you for your work on YMIR. It's very impressive, and also very valuable. I'm going to spend some time getting more familiar with YMIR, which so far has been a lot of fun! For me, the technical side of YMIR is fascinating -- it makes so much sense to me, and it surprises me that there arent 100 more like it. You've really done an amazing thing to transform the concept into a CLI -- very very difficult, but amazing to me. Way to go!”

Dan McFarland
Dan McFarland

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Email me and I'll be happy to answer your question!

Do you have a free trial?

Ymir doesn't have a free trial. Instead, there's a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you don't like Ymir, I don't want your money. Seriously! Just email me for a full refund. No questions asked.

Will my website go offline if I cancel?

Nope! The infrastructure that Ymir configured is yours forever. That includes all deployed projects. They'll stay online as long as you keep paying your AWS bills.

That said, you won't be able to deploy any changes to those projects. You also won't be able to make changes to your AWS infrastructure using Ymir. You can still make changes yourself from the AWS console.

I'm not comfortable with command-line. Is Ymir right for me?

While Ymir lets you do things using the web application, you cannot deploy a project without using the Ymir command-line tool. Ymir has excellent documentation to help you work with the Ymir command-line tool. But really, it all depends with your level of comfort with command-line tools or your desire to learn about them.

What happens if I get a DDoS attack? Will I wake up to a crazy AWS bill?

Ymir has safeguards in place to prevent potential issues like this. By default, a project cannot scale in a way to cause a massive bill if such an event would occur. You must make a deliberate configuration change to your project to allow for unlimited scaling.

AWS CloudFront also has basic DDoS mitigation capabilities available for free through AWS Shield Standard. You can also choose to use another content delivery network with DDoS protection such as Cloudflare.

Want to see Ymir in action?

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