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Ymir lets you deploy WordPress on your own AWS-powered serverless infrastructure. It makes server updates, hacking cleanups, unexplained outages, and traffic spike blowups a thing of the past.

Heya, I’m Carl!

Carl Alexander
Photograph by Kari Leigh London

I’m the charming guy above . I’ve been working with servers since I was in high school where I used them to download games from IRC . I’d copy everything on a CD-ROM (remember those!) and share it with friends.

This was my first experience using my knowledge of servers to do something positive for others. Back then, much like today, servers were something people dreaded. You usually paid people (like me!) to deal with them.

But as much as I like servers, they’re still a headache even for me. I don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night because there’s a problem. If it worked yesterday, I want it to keep working today and tomorrow.

That’s what got me really excited about serverless technology. As I’m often reminded, the name is a bit misleading. Under the hood, there’s still a server somewhere.

That said, there are no more system updates to install. No more web servers or databases to configure. All the things we dread with servers don’t exist with serverless.

And that’s a magical feeling! One that I wanted to share using my expertise. So I created Ymir so you can have that worry-free server experience too.

Over a decade in WordPress

You could say WordPress is in my blood. I’ve written technical articles on a wide range of topics from DevOps to testing . I also wrote a book on how to use object-oriented programming with WordPress.

I’ve also spoken at dozens of WordCamps. I’ve also helped organize them for close to a decade.

My consulting work has had me work on complex WordPress project. And I’ve had to build and manage high traffic WordPress servers.

Not a WordPress hosting company

My work as a WordPress consultant has shown me how important hosting is. It doesn’t matter how good the rest of my work is. If my client uses a bad WordPress host or server, it makes me look bad.

That’s why I’ve advocated to give your client an Apple experience . Apple thinks about the moment you enter the Apple store. What it’s like for you to hold and open the packaging. And, of course, the way you use the device itself. Everything is there to make you feel special.

As a WordPress expert, you need to be like Apple to your client. You want to give your client an exceptional experience with your service. That means having an Apple-like control over it.

That’s why Ymir isn’t a hosting company. I want you to give an Apple experience to your clients. And that means keeping control of your infrastructure.

When you use Ymir, all it does is configure and manage your AWS infrastructure for you. But it’s still your resources on your AWS account. That means that you never have to worry about losing control of the experience you give your clients.

Solo, bootstrapped, and scrappy

You should know that it’s just me behind Ymir. I’m building and funding this myself in public . There’s no venture capital funding of any kind. The only people I want to answer to are my customers.

I genuinely want to make their life better for years to come. That means staying small and focusing on being profitable. And I can only do that by charging a fair and sustainable price.

By using Ymir, you’re helping to make enterprise-grade infrastructure available to more WordPress developers. And that infrastructure is theirs forever. That’s the way the web should be.

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Heya, I’m Carl! I'm the solo founder of Ymir. Every two weeks I send a report on how I'm building and marketing Ymir and the business side of bootstrapping it.