Why choose Ymir
vs a server management tool?

Server management tools (such as Cloudways, Gridpane, Runcloud, SpinupWP) help ease some of the burdens of running your own server for a price. But you’re still the one responsible if there’s an issue. With Ymir, you get all the benefits of a server management tool without the server to be responsible for.

Server management tools have some rough edges

Still responsible

While server management tools help ease the burden of managing a server, they can’t do everything. You’re still the one who’ll have to handle upgrading to the next OS version when the time comes. You’re also still the one on call if the server goes down.

Pricing models

Most of these services have a pricing model that doesn’t reflect the reality of managing servers. You’re going to want to create and delete servers a lot. But doing so always has a cost, so instead you’re incentivized put everything on one server.

Ymir offers a great alternative to a server management tool

Peace of mind

Once deployed, your WordPress site will be available as long as you pay your AWS bill. No more server updates, hacking cleanups, unexplained outages, and traffic spike blowups. If it worked today, it’ll work tomorrow.

Simple no-tricks pricing

Whether you’re a freelancer with dozens of WordPress sites or part of a team working on a single site, Ymir will cost the same. There are no per server or per site fees. For one simple price, you get to use Ymir any way you want.

Keep control of your infrastructure

With Ymir, you still get to keep control like you would with a server configured by a server management tool. All it does is create and manage your AWS infrastructure for you. But that infrastructure will always be yours, even if you cancel your Ymir subscription.

Tailor your environment to your needs

With Docker deployments, you can install any library or PHP extension that you need like you would if you had a server configured with a server management tool.

Which is right for you?

If you’re looking for an entry-level server management option for one server, a server management tool will be the best option for you. Some tools have entry-level plans under $10. But you won’t get all the features or capabilities you would have with Ymir or their more expensive plans.

Another undiscussed cost of server management tool is your responsibility. A server management tool removes some burdens of managing a server, but you’re still the one responsible if there’s an issue. And issues happen sooner or later.

Now, if you only use a server management tool because you want to control your infrastructure, Ymir is a great option. It depends if you care about having a server or not. With serverless, you don't have direct access to a server anymore, but you can still install custom packages if you deploy using Docker.

But if you just want the benefits of server management tool without the responsibilities of a server, this is exactly the need that Ymir wants to address. With Ymir, you get an infrastructure that’s secure, doesn’t need updates, can scale to handle any amount of traffic. All that without you having to do anything.

This is the peace of mind that you get with Ymir.

Want to see Ymir in action?

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