Every two weeks, I send a report how I'm building and marketing Ymir. You can read all the previous reports below.

Ymir Report #19 — Meetings galore

Thank you to everyone who reached out after the report. Talking to a few people about doing a bit of consulting. I spent some time during the cycle on talking to people about that.

I've continued to have a decent amount of meetings during product week. So this kinda put a damper on product development this cycle. I'm starting to be a bit wary about meeting overload. I might have to start thinking more seriously about when people can schedule meetings with me if this continues.

Marketing week was better. I got a decent amount of things done. Wrote an article and did a Q&A video. I also had an idea of a marketing channel to try out. More on that in the marketing section.

Ymir Report #18 — Feeling better

Building a business is definitely a roller coaster of emotion and self-worth assessment. Last cycle, I felt like a failure and a fraud. Now, I feel better this cycle because I started getting a handle on these performance issues, their causes and solutions.

The business itself is still stalled. I'll talk about it more in the business section. But the thing is, it's a lot easier to weather this plateau if you believe in your product.

And that was the larger issue with the performance problems. It made me doubt my own product. If that happens, I feel it's game over. So that's why figuring out these performance issues was paramount.

I also did a lot during marketing. Wrote an article, did some Q&A videos, lots of calls and cold outreach on Twitter. Just tried to bring up my sleeves and push through this stalled growth. More on that in the marketing section.

Ymir Report #17 — Rough times

I wrote my previous report thinking this cycle would just feel more or less the same. I'd continue working on the product and trying to market it. It really didn't play out that way.

As I was doing work with customers helping with performance issues, I stumbled on a significant scaling problem. One so serious I thought I thought it might make Ymir unviable as a product. This, combined with the continuing growth struggles, really bummed me out during the whole cycle.

I spent marketing week working on the pricing changes I'd talked about in the last report. They went live at the end of the week. I'll get more into it in the business section.

Ymir Report #16 — PHP 8 support and more!

Overall, this cycle has felt fantastic! I got a lot done on the product side. Marketing week also went well.

On the business side, it's not going as well. Growth feels like it's slowed down a lot. There's still 10 days left to September so not all is lost! But it's been a lot more stressful the last month or so.

I have some changes planned for the business next cycle. More on that in the business section!

Ymir Report #15 — Customer driven development

Slightly delayed report since it was a holiday in Canada and the USA yesterday. I decided to push it to Tuesday. The end of August was quite busy!

Most of the product development this cycle was dictated by customer requests and support tickets. This isn't a bad place to be! It's pretty exciting to see more and more people using Ymir.

Ymir Report #14 — Small changes

August continues being August. Not going crazy on the development front. Just continuing to do small changes here and there.

I'm starting to plan for larger features again. Might start on those next cycle.

Ymir Report #13 — Return to work and firewall support

Slow return to work last week. August is a generally slow month, so kinda going along with it. I remind myself that this is a marathon and not a race.

I think how you frame things is really important when starting a business. Psychology is as much your enemy as market forces.

And speaking of framing, there's been a lot of small milestones since we last spoke! They're little things, but they make me optimistic about the product. I'll talk about them in business section.

Ymir Report #12 — Time off

This is going to be a quick report! I mentioned I might need some time off, but it was hard for me to disconnect.

Well, I managed to disconnect this last week because I had to bring in my laptop to get repaired. I was 4 days without it.

Ymir Report #11 — Taking it easy

This was another weird cycle. I tweeted about it. I decided to take things a bit easier and not pressure myself as much.

I'm starting to think I might need a bit of time off. Realistically, I have trouble disconnecting unless I travel somewhere. And that's complicated with COVID.

So we'll see how things keep going.

Ymir Report #10 — Container image deployment

I'm not sure if it's because of summer. I kinda just feel like I'm going through the motions for the past month. This isn't necessarily bad, but it feels kinda slow. Especially after that huge cycle a month ago.

That said, I'm happy with product development and marketing. I managed to finish container image deployment. I also published an article that did really well on Reddit.

Ymir Report #9 — Redis wrapped up. Next up, Docker!

I lost a lot of time fighting xcode during the product development week. But otherwise, Just a kind of business as usual for this cycle. Some product development and trying to figure out my next move for marketing.

Ymir Report #8 — Redis, 3000 concurrent WooCommerce load test, CloudFront Functions and more!

This has had to be the cycle where I got the most things done since I started doing these reports. I got a lot done on the product side and marketing side. Business has been stable.

Ymir Report #7 — Bastion hosts / Q&A video

Thank you to everyone who replied to the last report. It was really encouraging. I'll be working on some of the suggestions over time.

This cycle has felt a bit more normal. Good product development progress. Was hoping to get an article done during marketing week, but it kinda grew massive so it'll probably be out next cycle. Still managed to get some other stuff done!

Ymir Report #6 — Roller coaster

This cycle has been a bit of a roller coaster for various reasons. The cycle started off quite well. I got a lot of stuff done during the product development part of the cycle.

Marketing week also started pretty well, but the end of the week wasn't so great. Sometimes I get episodes where I can't concentrate at all for days. This happened later in the week so it limited a bit what I accomplished.

At the same time, my last 3 customers cancelled. That's half my customers. Then I got 2 more customers during marketing week. So that was the real roller coaster!

Ymir Report #5

Another two-week cycle done. I'm pretty happy with the system so far. I think that it lets me feel like I'm progressing in the two important areas at this stage of building a business.

I managed to get a 6th customer which is great! It's definitely heartening to see this happen, even if I'm filled with a lot of doubts still.

Ymir Report #4 — WooCommerce load testing

Happy Easter Monday! Hope you're enjoying your long weekend if it's a holiday for you. I took it a bit easier myself, but I felt pretty good because I accomplished quite a bit this cycle!

Ymir Report #3 — DynamoDB object cache

So far, I’m doing ok with the two-week cycle. The only change is you might have noticed the email came on Monday instead of Friday. I realized it made little sense to send the email Friday since I work weekends so marketing week actually ends Sunday.

Ymir Report #2 — First cycle

I managed to do one cycle of coding and marketing. Didn't accomplish as much as I'd like, but I think it might end up being a good system until further notice.

Ymir Report #1 — Open startup

Trying to get back in the beat of things. I mixed coding and marketing this week, but I plan on trying to do a more regular coding/marketing cycle. We'll see how it works out in practice!

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